Client Testimonials

‘When I started training with Adam I was very conscious of the fact that he listened to, and took seriously, my aims and needs and he has worked my programme around them. He is fantastically encouraging and motivating, I’ve been working with him for five years now and my enthusiasm isn’t waning but growing.

He really pushes me to extend my limits and I feel great as a result, not only physically fitter but also generally better about myself. The sessions are always varied and never boring. Yes it is very hard work but with Adam’s encouragement, and sense of humour, I really look forward to my sessions and am finally getting the results that I’ve always wanted but never achieved on my own.’

‘From triathlon to IRONMAN, Adam’s number 1!

I have been fortunate enough to have had several personal trainers in the past, but none had given me the results I have been looking for or the inspiration and dedication I needed. Until, I was introduced to Adam.
Within less than a year I have gone from competing in triathlons to IRONMAN, something I would never have imagined doing a year ago. With Adam, you feel 100% prepared. He is very focused in what he does, has passion and determination and above all he has helped me to get to the pinnacle of my athletic capacity. No stone is left unturned. Never have I had a personal trainer and now friend who I look up to as much as Adam. Without question, Adam will help you cross the finish line to success!

‘My weight having crept up by about a stone and my inability to go up a couple of flights of stairs without panting, I decided I needed to do something about it.  My daughter recommended Adam and I went to see him, not without a little trepidation (not having worked out for well over 15 years), for an assessment.  During that session, we set goals together which he re-visits at a later stage.  This was two years ago.  I have reached all my goals (weight loss, fitness, shape) and we are continuing to work on fitness and flexibility.  I thoroughly enjoy my weekly sessions and, although they are hard, we always have a good laugh.  So often he asks me to do things I haven’t done before and I think (and quite often say) I won’t be able to do them.  Time and time again I end up achieving what he set out for me to do and it leaves me with an immense sense of achievement.  I feel so much better for having gone to Twist Studios and hope to be able to continue, even when I move out of London.’

Peta and Ainsley
‘I was a bit dubious about using a personal trainer but my fiancé (now wife) talked me into giving it a go.  We told Adam that we wanted to lose some weight for our wedding and he created workouts that would best suit our individual needs. I am a regular gym goer but after the first session I realised how little effort I put in on my own.  We reached our goals and still attend weekly session even after the wedding.  I find Adam’s enthusiasm fantastic and he pushes you to your limits which is what you want from a trainer.  The fact that you can have a laugh (which is the main thing as it’s meant to be enjoyable) is a key factor that makes me return each week.’

‘I started training with Adam in May 2012.  Adam’s a great guy and a professional, focused trainer who will definitely help you achieve your training goals.  Unlike some trainers I’ve had in the past, Adam steps things up each session, encouraging you all the way. There’s never a chance to take things easy so its always a challenge. I get a sense of achievement just finishing sessions!  I’d highly recommend training with Adam to anyone looking for a personal trainer, just be prepared to work hard!’

‘Adam is very professional, he is polite and friendly. He is always encouraging which makes me feel energised and confident in my fitness and training. Adam pushes me hard in the sessions and helps me  reach for new goals and greater challenges. He has introduced me to new spheres of fitness such as boxercise and running which I had not done before.  I find my confidence, self esteem and general well being has grown. He helps me to not think of my weight as an issue and encourages me to live a healthy lifestyle, giving me advice on diet and nutrition. Since my one to one sessions I have become fitter and seen an over all improvement. Adam is an inspiration and I hope to continue my training for as long as I can afford it.’

‘After 4 months of training with Adam I can say he is extremely focused and ambitious and his passion for his work is demonstrated in everything he does.  It is because of Adam that I believe my targets are realistic; with his encouragement and ability to make every exercise a personal challenge he pushes me to my limits and really brings out the best in me. I will never change to someone else for PT!’

‘I was starting to feel my age when I met Adam. Fast approaching forty, a stone overweight, a heavy smoker, drinking ‘just that little bit too much’ and eating at ridiculous times of the day, which meant that I was often tired, lethargic and irritable. I was suffering from aching joints and my back had given out on me three times in as many months, resulting in costly visits to the osteopath. Frankly, I was unfit, and starting to think that it could only get worse as I slid into middle-age.

I signed up for twelve sessions with a personal trainer as someone who has spent the most part of their adult life paying for gym membership they never use, thinking “here I go spending money again”… It’s the best thing I’ve done in years. Within four weeks, with a few minor adjustments away from our sessions, I was sleeping better, eating well, smoking and drinking less, losing weight and had a lot more energy. Twelve weeks on, I’m fitter than I was for the most part of my twenties – and the proud owner of a very strong back. I’ve lost well over a stone, and I’m much happier. We still have to crack the smoking, but if I can’t do it with Adam, I can’t do it.

Adam’s enthusiasm for people, their well-being and fitness is incredibly infectious. You can’t help but want to do well for him – he’s compassionate, warm hearted and great fun to be with. He has never made me do the same work-out twice, so it’s impossible to get bored, and he’s inventive in finding ways to push you that little bit further. It is rare, I think, that you find someone quite so good at their job and I hope to know him for years to come. I can’t recommend him highly enough – he may change your life.’

Adam is cool. He changed me from a Couch Potato into Miss Sporty. I never thought I would actually look forward to a training session, but now I do!. Adam makes a work out fun, no training session is the same and he always manages to push you just that little bit harder. He knows how to keep you motivated even if the odds are against you. Adam has definitely changed my life for the best!’

‘I can’t imagine not having a trainer any more. It has really helped me to focus my mind and body and given me loads of energy, which is very helpful with an active two year old. I’ve also been able to build definition where I want by doing the exercises correctly – when I used to go to the gym alone I now realise I was doing so many things wrong – now I can work out for less time with better results.’

‘I’ve been training at Twist Studios for over 5 years and cannot recommend Adam Double highly enough. His dedication and enthusiasm for his clients really set him apart and his knowledge and expertise mean you’re in safe hands whether training for the marathon or just trying to trim up!

Weekly sessions continually evolve so there’s no chance of getting bored or sticking within my comfort zone. Adam has the ability to make me work 200% harder than I thought I could and I can’t believe how far I progressed – from couch potato to half-marathon in the first year and now working at faster 10K and Sprint Triathlon times for 2014 – feats of endurance I could hardly imagine a few years go! Regular exercise also brings more energy into my work and home life.

Don’t stop to think about it, book a taster session now!!!’