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Founder of Twist Studios • Personal Trainer
Founder of Twist Studios in 2009, Adam Double is an energetic and highly motivated Personal Trainer. A Sports Science graduate of Kingston University, he has extensive qualifications in Boxercise, Boxing Fitness, Advanced Personal Training, pre- and post-natal exercise prescription, Core Stability,  Advanced Tri-Planar Kettlebell training, Swimming and much more.

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Personal Trainer

My love of fitness developed years ago in conjunction with my interest in personal development. At the time I was working in an investment role in the City. It soon became clear to me that fitness was where I was spending all my spare time so I left the desk job and decided to focus on it as my full time career. I haven’t looked back since!

I am a dedicated, motivated trainer committed to helping my clients meet their goals. I love working with a wide variety of people. I understand that every individual is different, having different goals and needs. I plan clients sessions with their goals front and centre and aim to make each session varied with a focus on progression at all times.


Personal Trainer
Carlene is extremely dedicated to see her clients achieve their full potential, running several fitness classes alongside Personal Training here at Twist. With Boxercise, Kettlebell and Spin qualifications under her belt Carlene continues to push her own body to the limits, regularly participating in races and marathons. This September she’ll be conquering Mount Snowdon in Man Vs Mountain. Carlene has worked in the fitness industry and trained at Twist for over five years. Two years ago she completed her Level 3 Certification and began taking on Personal Training clients.

Join Carlene on Wednesdays for  Twist Masterclass, and Saturdays for Running Club and HIIT. For more information and to view our class timetable click here.


At a young age I played in competitive sports teams and this is where my passion for fitness began. As a young teenager I noticed my physique did not compare to those which surrounded me in the locker room; therefore, in a constant pursuit to feel comfortable about how my body looked, I independently studied nutrition and training for years. I consider my body an ongoing project, likely one which will never be complete, but day by day I am able to feel happier, healthier and more confident. Becoming qualified was the next step and further developed my skills to help clients with fat loss, muscle and strength gain, improved fitness and overall: a better quality of life.


Personal Trainer
Kyle Hylton is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Personal Trainer.  Specialising in fat loss, strength & conditioning and muscle building his sessions are carefully designed to transform you both mentally and physically.

Kyle’s focus is always on seeing his clients succeed and holds them at the heart of the services he provides.  His sessions are intense, challenging but most importantly always FUN.


Personal Trainer, MAT Therapy & Sports Massage
Madrid-born Jaime has worked in the fitness industry for many years. He played in a top Spanish rugby team,  studied  Sports Massage, Relaxing Massage and Bodybuilding, and trained in an Olympic wrestling team.

Today Jaime is one of just ten UK MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) Specialists. Using these skills Jaime will assess muscle performance and correct imbalances. For more information on MAT click here.

Jaime is also Twist’s Sports Massage practitioner.  Whether you have aches and pains from your sessions in the gym or from work; are recovering from an injury or preparing for an event, he can help.  MAT and Sports Massage available during the week and weekends.    Read more!


Having played and coached in professional football, I developed a love for motivating others to reach their full potential. I like to create challenging but fun sessions as I believe when you enjoy a programme, it can make a massive positive difference to the results. I take great pleasure in seeing these positive results and therefore all sessions are tailor-made to the client’s goals and focus on progression. 


Personal Trainer
Having been an aspiring young athlete from the age of 11, fitness has always been part of my life, whether swimming at national level, playing semi-professional football, or ski racing for Team England. I have trained for many years and understand the highs and lows of training and the battle of wanting to achieve goals whilst living life.  Having spent time coaching in the Alps both on snow and off-snow I am now back in my home, London. Therefore achieving my diploma in personal training was only a natural progression. I work with clients who aim to loose fat, gain muscle and particularly improve strength and power. I also love to work with any aspiring athletes. My sessions are always tailor made to each individual client, whilst providing nutritional support a long the way. I will place emphasis on the importance of teaching individuals correctly in order for you to adopt good behaviours in the long term. In short they will be enjoyable, intense and progress will always be made.  The greatest pleasure I take from this job is knowing an individual has not only achieved the success they are looking for, but that they have the knowledge and motivation to make it a life-long change.



Tanya Friel has a Masters in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO). As well as being an osteopath, she also has a bachelor in Sports Science and diploma in Fitness and Wellness coaching.

As part of the training at the BSO Tanya also studied cranial osteopathy and have developed a huge appreciation of this refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment which encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body. Cranial Osteopathy, in combination with the structural osteopathic approach has helped her practice and equipping her with more broad \and holistic set of tools for treating complex patients.