Twist was asked to suggest strategies to stay on track over the holidays in Champneys Blog, Egg-cellent tips to stay healthy this Easter, 2018.  Our recommendations in full:

What activities would you recommend to people to stay active this Easter?

Easter can be a busy period for many of us either travelling or just spending time with family and friends. This can lead to your usual gym regime being neglected. Both HIIT (Examples include: 30secs exercise / 30secs rest, or 1min exercise / 30secs rest) and TABATA (8 x 20secs exercise / 10secs rest = 4mins total per exercise) workouts are great, especially if time is of the essence. These can be done with limited space and little or no equipment burning a lot of calories in a very short time. In order to burn the most calories you’ll will get the most out of explosive, full body movements and those activating the bigger muscle groups (legs).

Here is an example of a 20min Workout based on a TABATA format;

  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • High Knees running
  • Tuck Jump Push Ups
  • Squats

I would suggest completing these exercises first thing in the morning and eating within 20mins. This will then give you the rest of the day to spend with family and friends.

Do you have any tips to help people manage their chocolate consumption over Easter e.g. a detox?

Chocolate consumption or any other sweat craving should always be managed as part of a ‘balanced diet’ and ‘healthy lifestyle’. If you’re someone that can just say no to easter eggs then that is fantastic. However, for the majority, telling yourself you cannot have one will only make you want it more. Be aware of the calories in each egg and the exercise equivalent to burn those off. By understanding this it will help reduce the risk of binging.

Ignore the branding of easter eggs. At the end of the day they are all chocolate. The difference being, the adult branded eggs contain twice as many calories. On average a large egg (Adult) is about 1000 kcals, with some eggs up to 1600 kcals. A smaller easter egg (Child) is approximately 580 kcal. Go for the smaller egg!

Guide: Exercise undertaken to burn 1000 kcal ;

= 8mile run
= 90mins skipping
= 22miles cycling
= 50min HIIT sessions

The above will all depend on ability and speed but is a good start of how hard you have to work just to burn off one egg not to mention taking into consideration the rest of your daily calorie intake. The recommended daily calorie intake is (Women 2000kcal and Men 2500kcal) depending on lifestyle, metabolism, age.

Don’t eat the entire egg in one day. Spread it over a week or a few weeks. Limiting your intake is about being about to enjoy your guilty pleasures and not about cutting them out all together.

Here are a few tips to manage your chocolate consumption;

 – Drink more water ( This will keep you fuller for longer) aim for 2L a day which is approximately 8 glasses.

 – Meal prep is vital when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Plan your meals in advance, aiming for 5 small meals a day (Breakfast , snack, lunch, snack, dinner). This will keep you disciplined, keep you from feeling hungry, and give you the option of healthy snacks over grabbing a chocolate just because someone has brought it into the office.

Do you have any healthy alternative Easter recipes that you would recommend?

When deciding on the easter egg, choosing one that is; Dark Chocolate, high in Cocoa, vegan, dairy and gluten free are all a lot better for you than the standard milk chocolate eggs.

Or why not make this year the year of change. replace an egg with some homemade flapjacks, brownies, or cupcakes, and choose the the many healthy recipes available. Fun to make, especially if you have a toddler, they will enjoy making their own treats and spending time with you doing it.

Any other additional comments?

Celebrations only come around a few times a year so it’s important to enjoy yourself! Your body’s metabolism is extremely adaptive to one-off events like Easter, so as long as you stay active over this period and then get back on track with your healthy lifestyle in the days after, you will be fine.